Exceptional 19th century wooden trade sign with large hand-carved grape cluster, original iron bracket, paint and gilding.  Striking from every perspective, this unique example of early advertising once hung outside a wine merchant's shop or at a vineyard.  Happily, the body of the sign has not been restored; although, the original curled ironwork has been repainted--perhaps several times. Today, the sign bears mellow age-appropriate losses:  the thick gilding is presumably less shimmery than it was, and portions of gold have simply worn away revealing the original soft red pigment beneath.


[To best display the piece in its current location, without impinging upon the integrity of the 19th century workmanship, a local artisan created a detachable steel wall hanger that in combination with the early curved iron bracket allowed us to hang the fairly heavy sign from a sturdy barn post.]  

Wine Merchant's Trade Sign

  • Era

    19th Century

  • Dimensions

    Height:  48 in.  Width:  23 in.

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